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Viktor Matveevich Sedykh was born in City Kharkov on the 5-th of May 1928. After leaving secondary school he has entered to Kharkov Electrotechnical Institute in 1946, and he has gone over to Kharkov State University (KSU) in 1948. On graduating at KSU in 1952 he has became one of the first instructors of the opened Radiophysical School. In 1960 he has defended the Candidate thesis (eq. PhD) entitled as Investigation of ridged and H-section waveguides and in 1977 he has defended the thesis in partion of Doctor of Phys;Math Sci Degree, which was entitled as Investigations of superband waveguides and microstrips transmission lines and some types of functional elements. In 1963 he has received the Associate Professor rank and 1979 he has received the Full Professor rank. From the 1963 to 1983 he is the Chair of the Department of Physics of Ultra High Frequencies and in 1963-1968 he is the Dean of Radiophysical School at KSU. The principle position in forming of V.M.Sedykh as radiophysisist made up his diploma investigations at Ukrainian Physical-Technical Institute and his practice at Moscow State University. The V.M.Sedykhs experience in principle scientific centers of the USSR allows to choose the perspective directions of scientific investigations, to open up the modern theoretical and experimental methods in these investigations of propagation structures. One can detect the V.M.Sedykhs nonordinary organization talents, which appears in ability to flame up the scientific team by origin idea or to carry along students by scientific investigations. The seriousness of scientific problems and fundamental character of its realization find wide response in scientific community. A lot of publications in native scientific editions were the results of these investigations. He was the leader of the first applied scientific contract. The main scientific interest of V.M.Sedykhs investigations was the study of the rules of electromagnetic waves propagation in wideband structures of UHF band waveguides with complicated form of cross section and microstrips. The investigations carried out under the direction of V.M.Sedykh allow to design a whole series of devices and elements of UHF band which use in space and surface communication systems. The list of publications of V.M.Sedykh consists of 3 monographs, 117 papers, 5 patents is generally recognized in scientific community. Viktor Matveevich Sedykh was the founder of scientific trend and scientific school: 5 of his followers defended Candidate thesis and 2 of them defended the Doctoral thesis later. V.M.Sedykhs activity as the Chair of the Department of Physics of Ultra High Frequencies was aimed to increase the Departments scientific level and to wide scientific interestings. The high personal erudition, broad-mind, the support of investigations in adjacent areas bring to establishing strong scientific and methodological contacts with leading centers in the USSR: in Moscow, Kiev, Gorky, Postov-on-Don etc. Kindness atmosphere, auspicious conditions, excellent conditions for scientific investigations with the aggregate of high exactingness in education questions and students training get the best opinions in student community. The established friendly contacts with graduates of the Department are supporting for along many years. The scientific contacts with graduates gave new ideas for applied investigations. V.M.Sedykh had medal For brave labor in commemoration of the 100-th V.I.Lenins birth anniversary.

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