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Educational Laboratory of Microwave Physics

Educational research-scientific laboratory of Microwave Physics was founded in 1963 simultaneously with the first department of Radio-Physics Faculty, which was later named Microwave Physics Department. During all the years of its existence a lot has been done to improve laboratory courses and upgrade its devices to provide solving problems, fulfilling laboratory and calculating tasks, which contain the elements of scientific research, as well as doing course and graduation papers.
Nowadays the educational laboratory facilitates laboratory lessons in terms of the courses Microwave Physics and Microwave Technical and Electronic Devices.
In terms of the course Microwave Physics the following compulsory laboratory lessons are facilitated:
1. A rectangular waveguide
2. Waveguides and resonators of circular cross-section
3. Waveguides of complex cross-sections
4. Irregular resonators with critical cross-section
5. Characteristics of loaded resonators
6. Reactive elements in a rectangular waveguide
7. Ferrite devices on a rectangular waveguide
8. Defining dielectrics parameters with waveguide-dielectric resonators.
In terms of the course Microwave Technical and Electronic Devices the following compulsory laboratory lessons are facilitated:
1. A reflex klystron
2. Loading characteristics of a reflex klystron
3. Research of dispersion characteristics of a comb-type retarder periodic structure
4. A magnetron. Research of frequency content of a multicavity magnetron (cold measurements)
5. A generator of diffraction generation (orotron). Measuring characteristics of diffraction radiation on the laboratory modeled device
6. A traveling wave tube (TWT)
7. An O-type backward wave tube (BWT)
Since 1979 the Head of the laboratory has been Valeriy M. Bondarenko.

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