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 ·      Theoretical and experimental investigations of microwave and extreme high frequencies waveguide structures, including planar wide band structures for microwaves and hybrid structures for extreme high frequencies

·      A new formulation of radiation, scattering and diffraction numerical and asymptotic techniques in electromagnetics. Uniform asymptotic theory applied to aperture diffraction

·      Microwave measurements of electromagnetic characteristics of anisotropic dielectrics

·      Dielectric waveguide resonator investigations on the basis of dielectrics and magnetized ferrites

·      Development of the non-linear theory of millimeter and submillimeter wave excitation in the Smith-Purcell electron devices (orotron, ledatron, laddertron etc.)

·      The theory of interaction of the nonsinusoidal electromagnetic signals with linear and non-linear media

         Basic scientific results

·      The theoretical and experimental investigations of microstrips and insulated image guides based on new substrate types using CAD and optimization methods are carried out. The functional elements based on these structures under extreme environment behaviour are investigated. Some functional elements, using principle new ideas, such as transitions to coaxial and rectangular waveguides, rejection and pass-band filters, adjusted devices are carried out.

·      Electromagnetic radiation and scattering from convex bodies composed of electrically dissimilar materials.  A GTD analysis of the radiation from slots in planar and cylindrical perfectly-conducting structures with a surface impedance patch. High accuracy method for non-destructive local parameter  microwave measurements of materials.

·      Electromagnetic wave dispersion on the dielectric and ferrite parallelepiped in the rectangular waveguide and cross-shaped ranching; electromagnetic eigen-oscillations, waveguide dielectric resonances and their application for anisotropic and isotropic parameter measurements and non-destructive control.

·      The two-dimensional theory of the resonant O-type electron devices with uniform and profiled focusing magnetic field is developed. Effective operating regimes for different stages of oscillations evolution are investigated. Starting current and efficiency are the basic characteristics of the analysis.

·      The theory of transmission and transformation of the non-sinusoidal signals in the different inhomogeneous magnetodielectric media is developed. The problem of the reflection and absorption of a E- and H-polarized electromagnetic waves by the lossy media is solved. Space-time structure of electromagnetic field reflecting by the multilayered structure is investigated.

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